Statutory Information

Knockeen Hills Poteen™ are a range of poteens, whose contents are identical as those previously bottled and marketed as the Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen™ range. The range Knockeen Hills Poteen™ are not labelled or marketed as Irish Poteen, and do not claim either directly or indirectly to be. They are not produced in Ireland or the devolved administration of Northern Ireland. 

Knockeen Hills poteen distillery
Knockeen Hills poteen in glass

Commodity Codes numbers, commencing with 2207. General information

Knockeen Hills Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. poteens were first produced in 1998. HMRC together with The Irish Revenue Commissioners accepted their inclusion within a Commodity Code No. commencing 2207. Over twenty years later, this commodity code number was removed by EU regulations, for use in alcoholic spirit drinks for the EU customs area, which included Northern Ireland and Malta.

EU Prohibition of Poteen product in Northern Ireland.

It is illegal to sell Knockeen Hills Poteen Gold Extra-Strength produced on the UK mainland in the EU and its Customs area, including Northern Ireland, and Malta.

EU Prohibition of UK mainland produced Poteen variety. ‘Statement published in the Belfast Newsletter, edition of  16th September 2023

There are no similar restrictions on the sale of the Knockeen Hills Poteen™ varierties:- Farmer Strength 60% vol. (I.W.S.C. Gold Medal Winner), and Gold Strength 70% vol. Silver Medal Winner {Best in  Class}

Face and rear label graphics of the Knockeen Hills Poteen ™ Extra-Strength 90% vol. 70cl. appear below:  (click to enlarge)


Knockeen Hills Poteen ™ Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. 70cl.



Knockeen Hills Poteen ™ Gold Extra-Strength 90% vol. 70cl.

Product Info. 

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There are three varieties of Knockeen Hills Poteen™, comprising the Farmers Strength 60% vol., Gold Strength 70% vol., and the Gold Extra-Strength™90% vol. in 5cl. 50cl., 70cl. and 1 lt. bottles together with a 75cl. bottle for the USA

Below are face labels of the range, excluding those for the USA market.