The winner of the Northern Ireland entries, according to Imbibe© Magazine used Knockeen Hills Farmers Strength Poteen! recipe below

Glass: Punch goblet
Garnish: Antrim apple slice and mint
Method: Shake with ice and strain over cracked ice.
30ml Bushmills Black Bush whiskey
15ml Knockeen Hills Farmers Strength Poteen
10ml Romate Oloroso sherry
30ml lemon juice
15ml Boyne Valley Iris h Honey syrup
35ml Armagh AJ Apple Juice
10ml homemade orgeat


UK-wide IMBIBE Battle of Britain Competition

A report of the UK-wide IMBIBE Battle of Britain Competition, which challenged cocktail bars to create the ultimate locally-sourced cocktail.

Cocktail Menus

Cocktail Syrups.

The producers of Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen, consider that the use of the range of quality Monin Syrups has subtantially contributed to the smoothness and aftertaste of their cocktails. These syrups can be purchased in the UK by via the UDAL Supplies website, whilst to obtain supplies in other countries, please click here.

Sligo Sunbeam

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • Grenadine dash.
  • Top up with orange juice and serve in a 10oz glass.

Michael Collins

  • Poteen (70% Vol.) 60ml./2fl.ozs, Lemon Juice, freshly squeezed 20ml./1fl.oz., Caster Sugar 1 teaspoonful, soda water, ice, Marashino cherry, orange slice, lemon slice.


  1. Stir the poteen, lemon juice, ice cubes and sugar, in a tall glass until the sugar is disolved. Top up with soda water, garnish with a cocktail stick, with the cherry and twisted orange and lemon slices. Slainte!

Sent by Brian Smith, Brentwood Essex


  • Poteen 1 1/4oz. (90% ABV), 1/2 lime, 2oz. apple juice, 2oz. ginger ale. Served in a 14oz. glass filled with ice and add a lime wedge.

Assumpta's Kiss

  • Knockeen Hills Poteen Gold Strength 70% ABV 1 measure,
  • Irish Cream Liqueur 1 measure,
  • Cointreau or Triple Sec 1 measure.
  • Shake well with plenty of ice,
  • Strain into a martini glass and serve ferociously cold garnished with a sprig of mint.

Ballybricken Bailey's

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • Bailey’s 3 measures.
  • Add crushed ice and serve in a 10oz highball glass.

Blarney Blue Ice

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • Blue Curacao 1 measure,
  • pineapple top up.
  • Serve in a 10oz glass.


  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • lemon juice, ½ teaspoon,
  • curacao ½ teaspoon,
  • orange 1 slice,
  • Champagne 3oz.

Citrus Surprise

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • ½ lemon,
  • ½ lime,
  • shot of rum,
  • teaspoon of honey.

Citrus Surprise

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • ½ lemon,
  • ½ lime,
  • shot of rum,
  • teaspoon of honey.

Donegal Cooler

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • cranberry juice 1 measure,
  • orange juice 2 measures.
  • Serve in a 10oz glass.

Galway Grass

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • Midori 1 measure,
  • orange juice top up.
  • Serve in a 10oz glass.

Kosnar's Kiss

  • Poteen 2oz,
  • white port 2oz
  • 2 large ice cubes
  • place in shaker.
  • Shake vigorously,
  • serve in martini glass,
  • add expresso bean or hazelnut where possible.

Leprachaun's Last

  • Poteen 2 measures,
  • La Fee Absinthe 1 measure,
  • Goldschlager 1 measure,
  • grapefruit juice 6 measures.

Serve in a 10oz highball glass and garnish with lime.

Lough Neagh Eelman's Revenge

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • lime cordial 1 measure,
  • Bitters (wiff),
  • lemonade top up.
  • Serve in a 10oz glass.

Mayo Mule

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • cherry brandy 2 measures,
  • Galliano 1 measure,
  • orange juice 2 measures.
  • Top up to rim with ginger ale and ice
  • serve in a 10oz glass.

Moonshine Morning with the Leprachauns

  • Poteen 1oz,
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream 1½oz,
  • cherry brandy 2 teaspoons,
  • cold strong coffee 3oz.
  • Serve in a tall glass almost filled with crushed ice, and stir well.

Paddy's Surprise

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • Cointreau 1 measure,
  • Vodka 1 measure.
  • Top up with Orange juice and a splash of bitters and cascade with blackcurrant.

Poteen Punch

  • Poteen 1 measure,
  • white sugar 2 teaspoons,
  • 4-6 cloves,
  • fresh lemon 2 slices,
  • add 200ml (7oz) boiling water.
  • Put the Poteen, sugar, cloves and lemon slices into a strong preheated glass.
  • Pour on the boiling water and stir until the sugar has dissolved.