An importer with sound financial resources is sought for the USA.

USA Regulatory approvals.

Department of the Treasury. Labels. TTB.OMB No.1513-0020 Farmers Strength 120% US PROOF. TTB 11129001000339; Gold Strength 140% US PROOF. TTB 11129001000348; Gold Extra Strength 180 US PROOF TTB 111390001000427.

Formula and Process for Alcoholic Beverages. Submission I.D.1002745. Approved

Food and Drug Aministration. FFRM Web Entry Summary Confirmation. F11X06401923

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Knockeen Hills Irish Spirits Ltd
Rose Cottage,
EX16 8BP
United Kingdom

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Irish Echo.

Leading USA Newspaper serving the Irish Community in the USA.

’Irish Top 40 Under 40’. New York, NY. Irish Echo Awards Ceremony, February 24th 2012.

Last night in Rosie O’Grady’s Manhattan Club, New York, the Irish Echo honoured 40 exceptional young leaders from across the US in an awards ceremony called the ’Irish Top 40 Under 40’.

According to Mairtin O’Muilleoir, Publisher of the Irish Echo, the largest circulation Irish-American weekly newspaper in the U.S., the ‘Top 40 Under 40’ represents an “awe-inspiring bunch of remarkable role models… And though they come from many different fields of endeavour, they share a commitment to Irish America and to their local communities.”

Celebrations were accompanied with cocktails made from Knockeen Hills’ award winning Irish Poteens, a traditional and culturally significant spirit in the Irish community.

Irish Poteen has been produced for several centuries and for nearly the last 300 years has been referred to as Ireland’s Moonshine spirit. During the period 1666 until recently, in various forms it has been illegal to sell it in Ireland. It was not until 1997 that all restrictions were lifted and Irish Poteen could be sold on the mainland in Ireland.

Today, the award winning triple-distilled Knockeen Hills Irish Poteen stays true to its Irish Heritage; the spirit is a symbol of triumph over challenges. The Irish Top 40 Under 40 represented people with truly remarkable stories and accomplishments. What better way to celebrate the night than with authentic Irish Poteen from Knockeen Hills.

Knockeen Hills Poteens™ ultra-premium smooth tasting spirits containing exclusively domestically produced Irish whey distillate, are now available for importers at 120 and 160, and 180 US proofs.